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As professional gamers (yes, there is such a thing) no one understands the frustration of hard to unlock trophies more than we do. That’s why we’ve gone ahead to put our chosen profession to good use, by helping you get the PlayStation trophies that elude you.

This is Not a Hack Job

Custom firmware hacks and hacked PlayStation save files are for amateurs. You’ll be able to tell, your friends will know, and most importantly, the big wigs at PlayStation will figure you out. That’s why we take the time (and that could be a lot) to go through your chosen game from scratch, earning you those coveted trophies along the way.

But How Will They Know About a Hack Job?

Before you get sucked into a hack job or a bundled “deal” from eBay and other websites, there’s a few things you should know about trophies.
They are earned in order. You already know this right? But when you get your trophies from a hacker, they download into your account all willy-nilly, not necessarily in the right order. If your account shows that you’ve got instant trophies, well, you’ll lose your cred as a serious gamer. Not to mention making PlayStation ticked off at you and possibly banned.

It takes time to earn trophies, but with a hack job, you’ve earned them all in record time. Sometimes in less time it takes than to make it through the first challenge. Again, this will be painfully obvious to anyone who takes the time to check out your account, and will lead to your removal from leader boards.

So What Do We Do Special To Avoid Detection?
We play the flippin’ game! From the opening credits to the last trophy has been earned, we work our controls to dust, just so you can look good to your gaming peers. Why would we do this? Because we like to play, we’re good at it, and we need to legitimize our profession somehow.
The timing is right, the trophies are won in the right order, and you look like a gaming stud. We got the chance to play our favourite game for the umpteenth time, and earn some money in the process. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Why Would You Need a Trophy Service for Your PlayStation Games?
You need this service because unlike us, you are not a professional gamer. You have a nine-to-five that takes you away from the endless hours needed to collect a seemingly endless number of items. You need us because you want your name in lights, at least on the PlayStation leader boards. Most importantly, you need us because we run a legitimate trophy earning service that won’t let your deep dark gaming secret be revealed.

When Your Ready to be Seen as a Gaming Leader, Give us a Shout Out and Let us Get Going on Earning Your Trophies

PlayStation Trophy Service For PS4 VITA


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    I love this service. I have been trying to get those trophies but I have no time to achieve them all. I’m glad that I was led to this website that offers reliable game services.

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