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1What are PlayStation Trophies?
PlayStation Trophies are an accomplishment tracking system. It was introduced to the PlayStation 3 in system software update 2.40 in July 2008. There are a variety of different trophies and can be divided into four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These trophies are awarded for accomplishing specific tasks, like completing a level or defeating a certain number of enemies and reaching milestones within a game. Some trophies have been made hidden, so you might not even realise a trophy exists within the game you are playing until you unlock it. Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies are usually awarded depending on the difficulty of the accomplishment with each trophy contributing to a “level” system linked to a player’s PSN profile. Obviously, Gold trophies contribute more to your experience level advancement more than the Silver, and Silver contributing more than the Bronze. Platinum trophies can only be unlocked when all other trophies have been unlocked within the game, not including extra trophies that can only be earned through downloadable content. Some games don’t contain a platinum trophy. Trophies can be seen on a player’s PSN profile, as well as their trophy level.
2What are you selling on PSBING?
We provide you with a LIVE PlayStation Trophy Service. We will play the games LIVE for you on Twitch & YouTube and unlock all the trophies. Once completed, we will transfer the trophies to your online PSN account. You are only buying the trophies, not the game itself and you don’t need to provide us with your games.
3Will this work in my region/country?
Yes it will. Syncing trophies works across all regions. We are able to sync trophies to any PSN account in the world and have already had success in transferring trophies to other customer's PSN accounts spread over the globe, from Japan to the United States & United Kingdom.
4Will I need to send you my games?
No! We have all the games listed on the website so you will not need to send us your games.
5How can i pay for this service?
At present, we only accept payments via Paypal.
6Can you finish off a game I’ve already started??
Of course. Even if you’ve already earned some trophies, we can complete the game for you and sync the Platinum into your PSN account.
7Can I play online when I take out this service?
For most of our Games, we are able to complete them offline, but we do offer some trophies for games with online trophies. For these games, we will need to spend some time on your account to unlock these trophies for you. If this is the case, please let us know any schedule preferences you have and we will work around your schedule to unlock these trophies.
8Can you upload the game save to PSN after completing the game?
Yes, that is always our policy when doing any game but unfortunately, some games are region locked but we will email you if this is not possible.
9How long will it take to complete my game?
This really depends on the game. Most games can be completed within two to four business days, but we do have some games that may take up to a week or more to complete. It also depends on how long the queue is for our services. We work strictly on a first come, first serve basis. Typically, the more expensive a game is, the more time it will take to complete for you. We play the games from start to finish. Why not come and watch us live on YouTube or Twitch?
10Will my rank be safe on PSN Profiles website?
If you are already listed on their website then there is no reason why you wouldn't be after completing your order with us. We complete the game from start to finish legitimately like you would. Please refrain from purchasing trophies from other competitors while ordering from PSBING as we can only guarantee our own work.
11What information do you need to start my order?
We will require your PlayStation Network sign-in E-mail address, your password and your PSN ID.
12Are my details safe with you?
Absolutely, We take your data and privacy very seriously so we assure you that we will never share or sell your information to anyone else. As soon as your order is complete we will remove your account from our consoles. All our consoles are also PIN coded for extra security and your reassurance.
13The game I want isn't listed on PSBING can I request it?
Our game list is updated frequently and if you do not see a game that you're after then please let us know so we can look into adding it to the site.
14Can I purchase single trophies?
Yes, you can simply message us and we will look into it for you and try to help you as much as we can.
15Can I purchase just the DLC trophies?
Of course, you can just simply select the game that you want the DLC to be completed with. If the DLC isn't listed then simply message us and we will look into it for you.

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